The ONE for one-to-one Communications.

I am no Consultant or Salesman. I am a Rainmaker, Dealmaker, Value Creator and Strategic Thinker. Brief: I am a Trusted Advisor. Not for everyone’s business, but for all those who can support my claim that print is taking on a new role in the age of Zuckerberg.


Print is taking on a new role in the age of Zuckerberg.

Gutenberg’s medium is advancing to become a digitally controlled push advertising medium 
that is triggered in a fully automated on-demand process. What this means, I will tell you on several events, workshops and seminars.

My First Steps.

Since 1997, I have been putting together what belongs together, namely, the Internet, digital printing, hybrid printing (digital+offset+gravure), mobile communications, CRM and analytics. In cooperation with Canon, Ricoh, Xerox, Xeikon and GMC/Quadient, I have been teaching digital printers and marketing people in Europe, North America and Japan on Variable Data Publishing (VDP). In 2003, I launched AlphaPicture, the world’s first B-to-B Software-as-a-Service for digital printers. Meanwhile, also B-to-C-users get access to our servers on myAlphaPicture

My Masterpiece.

In 2013 I started my work with Eversfrank. My mission was to transform a more than 100 year old traditional web-offset printing group with 300 million Euros turnover per year and 1,200 employees into a state-of-the art hybrid printer (web-offset & digital).

Meanwhile …

… Eversfrank is producing more than 50 million totally personalized Hybrid-Catalogues per year. After five challenging years, my mission at Eversfrank was accomplished in 2018. That was the time, when #HighSpeedinkjet had reached a new level of quality, enabling printing industry to reach new levels in what we named „Programmatic Printing“. Then I founded

My Mission as Trusted Advisor.

My mission as “The ONE for one-to-one“ will be continued. Now, as HighSpeed@HighQuality-Inkjet is available in the printing industry, I will do my very best to advance this technology to its broad breakthrough: Mainly by contemplating, advising, teaching and speaking on ideas, methods and pilot-projects to proofe the point that personalized paper based channels are a „must-have“ in every holistic omni-channel communication.